24 Mar 2015

Cartoon old man with a cup of tea.

This Granddad was painted using emulsion paint on an off-cut of mounting board.

17 Mar 2015

5 YouTubes of old men and women painted in watercolour, in oil using a pallet knife, adobe, minecraft.

Four Watercolour tutorials

Smudge Painting Effect | Morgan Freeman |

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

How To Paint Portraits Like Old Masters. Using a pallet knife

Oil Painting Old Woman by MS-Art-Studio

Tutorial: Easy Minecraft Cartoon Heads (Paint.NET) 

10 Mar 2015

Reflections of a bayou, lock, canal and grapes.

 This watercolour reflection of a man swinging through the water really was there, 
I may have exaggerated it a little.

This was one of my first paintings, I used acrylic on a linen effect acrylic paper 
and the painting of Lock Morlick almost painted itself.

This is one of my favourite shots of this ruined building on the Leeds and Liverpool canal 
at Gargrave in Yorkshire.
I shall have to paint it in different seasons, but it was so very time consuming.

My one and only attempt at painting a reflection on smoked glass.

24 Feb 2015

How to paint Reflections you tubes, 2 water colour, 2 acrylic, 2 oil, 2 drawing

Speed painting. Watercolor How To Paint Dark Water Reflection.

guided tuition Painting Puddles in Watercolor 
When painting cityscapes using watercolor, puddles can add a another level of interest. 

guided tuition

How to paint Monet's Water Lilies with acrylic paint on painting ponds and water lilies, 

using reflections and the layering of water lilies to create depth.

 'Acrylic paint allows the artist to do fast multiple layers of paint, in a very short period of time. 

The unique techniques shown in this instructional video, are some of the great painting tricks

guided tuition Water Reflections  in acrylic shows you how to capture the intricacies of reflections on water, for lovely, realistic results with examples to help you understand how reflections work, 
then he moves on to complete a pond scene, showing how to paint different aspects of the water.

Guided tuition Al la Old Master's style Oil Painting Demonstration with Dennis Sheehan

Landscape oil painting in just 18 minutes wet on wet of mountains reflected in a lake.

time lapse  How to Draw a Glass of Water, realistic glass of water drawing made with pencil 6B, 
white pencil and white acrylic paint. How to draw glass reflections. 

guided tuition How To Draw Realistic River / Lake Water in charcoal 

17 Feb 2015

Mr. Fox in emulsion paint.

Mr. Fox in emulsion paint.
He matches my curtains beautifully. :) 

16 Feb 2015

Draw and Paint foxes with Adobe Photoshop, acrylic and oils

Using Adobe Photoshop

In this time lapse painting I demonstrate how to paint a fox on a 24x30" Fredrix Red Label canvas using liquitex basics and airbrushing for my underpainting and Winsor & Newton oil paints for the oil painting portion. Thanks to Fredrix for providing me with the canvas.

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13 Feb 2015

one-brush style, flowers and fishes

This is my first attempt at one brush painting,
without any practice.

I am trying to persuade a member of our art group
to paint this particular style.

These painting took a couple of minutes each
and I am looking forward to being proficient in this style
and laughing at my first splodges of paint.

10 Feb 2015

5 YouTubes one stroke painting and painting with oversized brushes

One stroke dragon painting

One Stroke Painted Vines and Daisys- By DJ Creations

one stroke basics by artist Sharada

How To Paint With Oversized Brushes

One Stroke Waterfall painting

6 Feb 2015

Spaceship approaching a literate planet.

I painted this to to grace the cover of one of my Turbo Charged Reading Success Levels
and that is why the planet displays  the daily news. 
I find it amusing that the moon was created from a picture of a man.

3 Feb 2015

Space Ships and galaxies. Airbrush, speed painting, drawing, watercolour,

Airbrush Space Scene by Wow Enterprise 

Digital Speed Painting of Space Ships

How to draw the Space Shuttle

Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials |How to draw outer space with planets stars 

This is just a little test to show the difference between watercolor with (left side)                       and without (right side) gloss intensifier.

A quick tutorial on how to make your own galaxy in your home!


30 Jan 2015

Indian man painted in acrylics.

I really rather like my Indian man painted in acrylics.

In a past life I was a much respected Indian trader, 
so much so that I was given an Indian name
but unfortunately the Shaman was not able to hear it clearly.
I was savagely killed by the jealous white traders; 
I knew the shape of the spear that went into my side. 
The priest denied me the last rights as I was deemed a heathen for respecting the Indians. 
In another past life I was Chief Joseph's brother and I died on the Trail of Tears –
this was an emotional experience for me as I just burst into tears in a spiritual shop
while listening to the background music they were playing. 
As they were Shaman they travelled for me and found that my soul had found its rest
even though the situation suggested that this was not possible.

I used to live in Colorado Springs and the Indians of that area were The Utes.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ute people /ˈjuːt/ are an indigenous people of the Great Basin, now living primarily in Utah and Colorado. There are three Ute tribal reservations: Uintah-Ouray in northeastern Utah (3,500 members); Southern Ute in Colorado (1,500 members); and Ute Mountain which primarily lies in Colorado, but extends to Utah and New Mexico (2,000 members). The name of the state of Utah was derived from the name Ute. The word Ute means "Land of the sun" in their language.[3] "Ute" possibly derived from the Western Apache word "yudah", meaning "high up". This has led to the misconception that "Ute" means people high up or mountain people.

Chief Severo and family, ca. 1899

28 Jan 2015

5 youtubes of Native American paintings. Plus 2 Past Life experiences.

Airbrush - Tribal Skull with Head Dress by Alx

Indian Warrior Drawing.wmv She has 3 different Indian bloods in her veins and is proud of her heritage.
In a past life I was Chief Joseph's brother and died on the Trail of Tears - this was an emotional experience for me as I just bust into tears in a spiritual shop listening to the background music they were playing. As they were Shaman they travelled for me and found that my soul had found its rest even though the situation suggested that this was not possible. In another past life I was a very respected Indian trader who was savagely killed by the jealous white traders. I was denied the last rights as I was deemed a heathen for respecting the Indians. I felt their spear go into my side. 

 K. Henderson American Indian oil paintings

White Sage Art, Native American Indian Paintings by Karen Ivey

NAtive American Painting using two colours

23 Jan 2015

Red autumn fence with faries

The only living fence in a street of concrete barriers.
Can you see the fairies? There are nine in pearlised acrylic ink.

20 Jan 2015

Autumn leaves in acrylic with palette knife and 3 using watercolour.

Amazing landscape abstract painting by Peter Dranitsin - Shared Memories - acrylics on canvas

There is a youtube of a five year old girl painting autumn leaves but it wouldn't link here. 

                                          How to paint Autumn Leaves in watercolors, part 1

How to Paint Fall Leaves With Watercolor Fast and Loose
Capture the beautiful colors of fall with this how to paint video. Work
fast and loose and let the colors mix on the paper for a beautiful
result. Use watercolor pencil and a razor for details

acorns and maple leaf watercolor tutorial

16 Jan 2015

Acrylic abstract lady

I'm not sure about my feelings about her, 
maybe like real life there are so many feelings behind the feelings.
There is also heritage, style and age.
What do you see?

13 Jan 2015

4 abstract faces with ink, acrylic, water colour and mixed media.

Abstract Face Painting with Acrylics

To me this looks kinda sad with a little secret smile. M'reen

Inner Fight- Speed Painting
I think the mask makes her eyes look even more enigmatic. M'reen

Making of "The Arrival" - Watercolor / Colorex Speedpaint
What does the statement colour block from her lower lip suggest to you?

acrylic ink in canvas
I have to agree that I like using acrylic ink, unfortunately the angle of the nose has very sad memories for me.

10 Jan 2015

Using the shadow of a neck and shoulder to suggest hair.

I enjoyed Martina Shapiro's colourful painting video and just used the first part 
to paint my lady with her delightful neck and shoulder.