30 Oct 2013

Water reflections.

I've only used this brush to paint dogs to date, now I'll have to try these reflections.

Wet on dry skids paint to a halt!

Hi, the reason the dark water is so delightfully choppy is because I didn’t know
that if I used wet (paint) on dry (paper) that my brush would skid to a halt.
This was one of my very early paintings with the Newmarket U.K. art group.
I think the original came from a web photo. I am still really pleased with
the brown underwater rocks. I’ve been river rafting down the Arkansas River
to The Royal Gorge in Colorado. We saw stone shelters where the cowboys
hid as they shot at the rival railroad guys and the railroad hanging over the
mountain side on spindly bits of crossed over wood.
I felt safer on the raging water, freezing my butt off in the shade, but safe.
Share some of your wet on dry disasters or successes and the bits you are pleased with.