24 Feb 2015

How to paint Reflections you tubes, 2 water colour, 2 acrylic, 2 oil, 2 drawing

Speed painting. Watercolor How To Paint Dark Water Reflection.

guided tuition Painting Puddles in Watercolor 
When painting cityscapes using watercolor, puddles can add a another level of interest. 

guided tuition

How to paint Monet's Water Lilies with acrylic paint on painting ponds and water lilies, 

using reflections and the layering of water lilies to create depth.

 'Acrylic paint allows the artist to do fast multiple layers of paint, in a very short period of time. 

The unique techniques shown in this instructional video, are some of the great painting tricks

guided tuition Water Reflections  in acrylic shows you how to capture the intricacies of reflections on water, for lovely, realistic results with examples to help you understand how reflections work, 
then he moves on to complete a pond scene, showing how to paint different aspects of the water.

Guided tuition Al la Old Master's style Oil Painting Demonstration with Dennis Sheehan

Landscape oil painting in just 18 minutes wet on wet of mountains reflected in a lake.

time lapse  How to Draw a Glass of Water, realistic glass of water drawing made with pencil 6B, 
white pencil and white acrylic paint. How to draw glass reflections. 

guided tuition How To Draw Realistic River / Lake Water in charcoal 

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