29 Jul 2014

Drawing Bob Marley in sugar just has to be seen!

Drawing Bob Marley in Sugar

This is simply sugar on black paper and a brush.

How To Draw A Rasta By Stefano Romano
This is a how to draw a rasta hope you like it and enjoy it and get some tips :)

26 Jul 2014

Raedwald's ceremonial helmet at Sutton Hoo.

The helmet I’ve painted is based on the remains of Rædwald, the ruler of the East Angles which is displayed at Sutton Hoo.
Mine has very many colours behind the metal; this is because I wanted to convey the hopes and fears and the personal and political aspirations of warfare and ceremony.
Interestingly the publicity photograph I copied does not look like the helmet shown
in other publications, pity I can't draw nicely but I think it depicts a certain sadness.

22 Jul 2014

How to paint a helmet and cod piece.

Halo 4 Costume - Painting and Weathering Tutorial

After working on the costumes for a few months, I am at the end of the road. Here are the last few pieces of armour that I need to finish. So I decided to shoot this video as a brief tutorial on how to get from foam to finish. This is a long video and it is necessary to show every step.

18 Jul 2014

The colours of a woman

 Emulsion paint.

Acrylic, the colours of a woman.

15 Jul 2014

woman in a hat - speed painting

mazen alshamrani
Speed Painting

Drawing of a girl in a hat with dark background by Dry Brush technique. Portrait artist Igor Kazarin. In this drawing used black oil paint on watercolor paper. Time of drawing a portrait about 3 hours. For example to draw portrait by pencil in this version of work can take more than 24 hours

12 Jul 2014

Suda the elephant paints a portrait

8 Jul 2014

Common poppies sometimes can still be seen to paint the fields red in the Newmarket area of the UK.
But 'up North' we enjoy the yellow and orange Welsh poppies.