28 Jan 2015

5 youtubes of Native American paintings. Plus 2 Past Life experiences.

Airbrush - Tribal Skull with Head Dress by Alx

Indian Warrior Drawing.wmv She has 3 different Indian bloods in her veins and is proud of her heritage.
In a past life I was Chief Joseph's brother and died on the Trail of Tears - this was an emotional experience for me as I just bust into tears in a spiritual shop listening to the background music they were playing. As they were Shaman they travelled for me and found that my soul had found its rest even though the situation suggested that this was not possible. In another past life I was a very respected Indian trader who was savagely killed by the jealous white traders. I was denied the last rights as I was deemed a heathen for respecting the Indians. I felt their spear go into my side. 

 K. Henderson American Indian oil paintings

White Sage Art, Native American Indian Paintings by Karen Ivey

NAtive American Painting using two colours

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