30 Nov 2013

Boats in the evening sun.

                            Painted very quickly with a hake brush using watercolour.
                           Check out his prints at http://micronin.deviantart.com/prints.
                           Published on 1 Aug 2013
                           To be honest, I wasn't sure where this one was                              going as I just made it up as I went along. I felt                              more confident with it once I started putting the                              rocks in the foreground and the scene started to                            take shape. The boats are put in very simply but                            I think they work OK.

28 Nov 2013

Hole in Gargrave canal wall.

                                   This hole collapsed shortly after I took this photo.
                                   When the watercolour was almost dry
                                   I sprinkled fine table salt over certain stones 
                                   to give the crystal glitter in the sun.

26 Nov 2013

Using salt with your watercolour paint.

24 Nov 2013

Suspended Tears.

                                    Suspended tears from my photos of Solomon’s seal.

                                           Tears that could not be shown,
                                           Tears that would never be known.

                                           Solomon the wise,
                                           would he have cried?

                                           Sure thing my love
                                                         he had a heart inside.

20 Nov 2013

Blue Door.

                Blue door

                Another Art Tutor project, see 2 YouTubes down.
                Had I followed the example shown below my steps might
                not have incurred the concerns of the ‘elf-n-safety’ brigade!

                I think the Moon Rover family live here
                with their adjustable telescopic legs.
                Or possibly a Jolly Jack Tar home from months on the rolling ocean.
                But most likely it’s a tree fairy who has no need of steps or electric light
                but finds more pleasure in capturing sun splashes in her tree.

18 Nov 2013

Create a magic tunnel.

                             Hey, I enjoyed this presentation, it makes perspective easy.

16 Nov 2013

Rather cold lake.

                        Once I’d painted the sky I was committed to this frozen lake
                        that set off as a not as cold mono-chrome lesson from the Art Tutor
                        guy below. They are really well worth checking out.

14 Nov 2013

Plein Air Oil Painting Demonstration

9 Nov 2013

Eyes see.

Eyes are.

Once I was shown a photograph of a dog and the photographer has taken all the colour out leaving just black and white with one deep, luminous brown gold eye looking beyond the enclosing frame. The eye WAS the dog, its essence, its history and emotional connection with his ‘best friend’.

My painting has had mixed reactions from an 80 odd year old lady’s dancing eyes commenting on ‘her come-to-bed eyes’. 

To a male friend giving him sidelong glances of a deep ‘unexplained’ fear.

My emotional prejudice is a feeling of a person who looks beautiful from head to foot. Someone who has the ability to look straight through me while looking at what is beyond my sight.

4 Nov 2013

Sound Matters: Exploring Sound Through Forms - we make money not art

Sound Matters: Exploring Sound Through Forms - we make money not art

She looks through time with love.

Colour? What does it mean to you?
Her eye reminds me of my deceased eldest daughter, the eyebrow does the same for her sister.
This point is important for the next painting I’ll share with you, The lady with eyes. 

In the video below you’ll find Art under the skin – literally. 

I’m a Brit, I’m English from the Mitton / Hardicker family, my birth name is Maureen and my chosen name is M’reen. Working backwards, as a Brit I must contain the heritage of most of the world and that is why her beautiful pale skin goes gradually darker until it represents all the colours underneath what is supposedly apparent. Then I got enthusiastic and added a splash of purple and orange and why not? Some believe in parallel worlds and other dimensions and aliens who might be a glorious purple. Still others are aware of the vibrations and hues and tones that are outside of the awareness of most and these may be an amazing orange. Why limit ourselves and miss out on the vibrant, spectacular and simply quite beautiful world within, part of and around us?

2 Nov 2013

This is MODERN art, carry your very own art collection.

It's difficult not to fall into the expected comments.
Just deleted my thoughts. What are yours?

1 Nov 2013

Reflections of memory.

A reflection of a memory.

An engineer asked why there were more trees reflected than there were on the bank?
My answer was that I’d got confused.
Also any tree buff would point out some elementary mistakes and then there’s the fact
that I added far more roof timbers than my photograph showed
plus one or more little discrepancies.
What the heck! It’s my painting!
I know that Gargrave shamble walking this way and that; I know those pines in snow, sun and rain.
I’ve been threatened by the proud nest protecting swan that patrols this stretch of canal on its way past  Skipton to Leeds. I’ve wanted to find out how to cross the canal and wander on that rusting bridge across a little stream my painting ‘forgets’. I’ve walked past there with a multitude of emotions and potentials smiling hellos at walkers travelling in the Liverpool direction. I’m happy.