30 Jan 2014

How To Draw A Fairy. Art for kids.

Drawing fairies can be done in a multitude of ways, but one way to approach it is to draw a human-like creature with pointed ears and large butterfly wings. Sketch out a fantasy creature, using the imagination to fill in the details, with creative tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on drawing.

28 Jan 2014

The language of Roses

It appears that roses mean different things in my ancient book
of the language of flowers.
Rose: Gentle, pretty
Acacia: Elegance
Austrian: Very lovely
Red-bud:Pure and lovely
White bud: Girlhood, Too young to love
Faded: Fleeting love
Bridal: Happy love
Burgundy: Simplicity and beauty
Moss bud: Confession
Campien: Gentleness
Carolina: Love is dangerous
China: Grace
Daily: A smile
Dog: Mingled pleasure and pain
Mundi: you are merry
Musk: Charming
Red-leaved: Beauty and prosperity

23 Jan 2014

How to Paint a Red Rose in Oil with a Palette Knife in only 10 minutes.

How to Paint a Red Rose in Oil with a Palette Knife in only 10 minutes.

21 Jan 2014

Mountains and plane

          I didn't realise that the background was somewhat lacking for a few days,
          as I was pleased with my plane that I had painted separately and stuck
          onto the main painting with a wad so that it was 1/2cm above the painting.
          However my piece de resistance is the propeller which is a plastic disk.

16 Jan 2014

A Mountain painted using the wet-on-wet technique with stage by stage instructions.

By Jason Bowen

13 Jan 2014

Silver Birch and Sunshine Fence

                       My, the auto-correct does what my white paint could not.
                       It really looks quite a potential jig-saw.

9 Jan 2014

How to Paint Birch Trees - step by step

                                                             Amy Pearce

7 Jan 2014

Vibrant sun playing with the sea

                                              I just like this for no real reason.
                                              Maybe I just like vibrancy in life.

3 Jan 2014

Painting sea sunset on a huge canvas

I wanted to learn how to paint so I decided to paint hundred paintings in order to do that.
I started off with acrylic paint and before a reached 40 paintings I swapped them for oils
because I find them more flexible more reflective and easy to blend.
If you are wondering how much took each of my paintings just multiply the time of the video by 9

1 Jan 2014

Them thar winds are a blowin'

   My nautical friend always laughs at my sailing craft as they manage to do the impossible.