6 Aug 2014

Grow Painting (Speed Watercolor Painting)

California artist Aaron Smith 
paints men from a bad-ass neo-dandy beardo brigade from beyond time.

Artist Statement
The Victorian/Edwardian eras have always captured my attention. For years I've collected vintage photographs of men of the period. These men for me represent a masculine ideal, if largely a constructed one. Their bearded faces and distinguished attire are spectacular, while their stiff poses and serious expressions belie a certain vulnerability. My recent decision to translate these small colorless photographs into monumental, expressionist portraits is an attempt to ruminate on these contradictions. I also want to draw parallels between the rituals of initiation found in western culture and those practiced in tribal cultures by painting these gentlemen with colors inspired by Bird-of-Paradise and the extravagantly decorated Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea.

Music- The Books (featuring Jose Gonzalez)

Grow Painting (Speed Watercolor Painting)
"Grow" is a watercolor painting on paper by Allison Maletz. 

The "Beardsong (Ode to A Beard)" was written by Hannah Rockcliffe and Sophie Madeleine, Performed by Rocky and Balls. They own this song. I am not trying to sell this song, or video.
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