29 Apr 2014

Pontypridd rugby players

Hand painted using acrylic paint on to boxed canvas with a wrap around effect. 

25 Apr 2014

Liz Taylor need violet.

Liz Taylor was famous for her violet eyes.
Watercolour neat from the tube.

22 Apr 2014

Elizabeth Taylor Painting-By Sam Sakharia

This is a painting I did of Elizabeth Taylor, R.I.P. in pop art style, I hope you enjoy it. 
It took about 2 hours to do, but you can see it in 6 min.

18 Apr 2014

Moss in acrylic

I thought that I'd try painting Moss in acrylic with shapes on shapes.
I'm not sure that it has been successful.

15 Apr 2014

A Boarder Collie called Moss.

My father, who is 92, used to train Border Collies to International standard.
This means that a mongrel sheepdog has reached such a high standard that it is certified as International
and so it and any pups produced command a high fee.
Moss is a traditional name for Border Collies and was the last dog dad owned
he really became the village dog of Gargrave being very much recognised.

10 Apr 2014

Grandma M'reen

Is the world ready for Grandma M'reen?
I do have four grandchildren so I qualify.
This cause quite some conversation in my Thursday afternoon art group 
with some concerned about the quality of my dreams!
Maybe they've never heard of Grandma Moses?

8 Apr 2014

Master of the air.

Master of the air.

4 Apr 2014

How to Paint From the Imagination - Watercolor Fantasy Art - Painting

Birds flying into the sunset.

1 Apr 2014

Fairy with attitude.

This fairy has an attitude somewhat different to the Beachnut fairy of 04/02/14
She is coloured with ink and crayon just like the kids.