30 May 2014


Ruben is a rescue dog from Romania painted in watercolour.
Pity I couldn't get this copy to show the detail of his eyes and nose.
Still no twinkle.

27 May 2014

Dog's portrait in oil demo

 Dog's portrait in oil demo by Olesya Podshivaylova

23 May 2014

Molly dog.

Mollie was commissioned and I painted this acrylic version for fun and for me.

Fortunately Mollie's 'mum' preferred the watercolour version after much debate.

20 May 2014

An Oil Painting From Start to Finish: Chai

A photo-essay with voice over detailing the creation--from start to finish--
of a portrait commission of a dog, in oil. 

16 May 2014

Kingfishers three, invited to tea, one plump, one fair, one rather thin.

Here we have a rather well fed Kingfisher.
Looking for a nice fish.
This is Kevin, a little on the thin side, but with quite a character.

13 May 2014

Chinese Spring Kingfisher Practice Bird and Flower Painting

Chinese Spring Kingfisher Practice Bird and Flower Painting

Just some late night practice. I enjoy using this odd turquise paint in the maries standard set. 
Many chinese standard colours are quite distinct and make paintings hold the colour theme of Chinese Art because of this. Its an odd thing.
The west seem to use standard spectrums at set intervals, the Chinese seem to have used their resources 
and from that you mix the colours inbetween. And when you add your seal stone to the painting it all seem 
to be held together well.
I prefer this.

9 May 2014

Ginger Tom

Ginger Tom

6 May 2014

Tortoiseshell Cat Speed Painting

Tortoiseshell Cat Speed Painting
Colin Bradley Art

2 May 2014

The Lions.

I think that if The Lions saw this rendition of themselves 
they just might eat me up and spit me out. M'reen