16 Dec 2014

4 portraits of young faces: abstract, oils, acarylic and watercolour

Painting Abstract Portrait in acrylics by artist Martina Shapiro

How to paint a portrait in oil paint. Short summary.

Paint a portrait, portrait painting demo by ben lustenhouwer

Acrylic painting techniques on canvas with ARTYSHILS

9 Dec 2014

3 abstract dream painting YouTubes.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - John Lennon

Abstract Art painting 'Edge of Dreams' Modern, contemporary, Mix Lang How to DEMO

Michael Lang

"Never ending dream" Painting

Abstract Textured 3D Metalic Painting 'Birth of Infinity' How to, Demo

Michael Lang

5 Dec 2014

Ruby and gold sunset with ruined building

Acrylic night swirling by. M'reen

2 Dec 2014

Youtubes of Vibrant sunsets in watercolour and acrylic and pallet knife.

Leonid Afremov 

How to paint a beach sunset STEP by STEP Acrylic
Amy Pearce

How to paint a sunset with palm trees in watercolor

Mr. Otter Art Studio

Paint a Sunset in Watercolour

Hugh Templeton