28 Mar 2017


Gandalf the dark grey.

7 Mar 2017

Fredrick The First, Painted in acrylics

Fredrick The First, Painted in acrylics directly onto the board. No drawing! How brave.

27 Feb 2017

Daises in acrylic

These daisies started off with a base of purple emulsion (it's cheaper than acrylic)
I then used a knife to put on greens, blues and yellows
before painting on some 'green'  leaves and stems/
I then dabbed on an area of purple blob flowers.
The white petals were painted with a brush that had white on one side and a colour on the other.
The yellow centres were created with paint on the flat base of a brush
and for their shading I used paint on a pencil lead.
Enjoy creating your own.

16 Feb 2017

Hollyhock Cottage

I really enjoyed the detail of this des res,
I used watercolour pencil.
Try it yourself and send me your finished painting
so that I can publish it here.
Send to innermindreading:gmail.com
 with the subject of Hollyhock cottage.
Thanks, M'reen

18 Jan 2017

Not for foxes.

I took the picture of these doors while on a walk in Bildeston UK.
But the little fox is an addition of fantasy.
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