31 Oct 2014

Zeus in watercolours.

My paining of Zeus quite simply didn't work out as I intended to try a completely new style!
When I use watercolours I basically paint 'ever' hair but I intended to try copy the style below.
Obviously I failed :) I ended up painting layers of wet on dry
as each new area painted meant that he previous areas were the wrong colour
I then went over the lot with one of those brushed for painting hairs or grasses.
I'm not happy with my colours so tomorrow I might just apply another layer.

28 Oct 2014

Boxer dog in acrylics and in coloured pencils

Boxer dog cartoon in acrylics

GSC Artwork

Critique your painting series Art tips w/ Lachri - Dog portrait 
in colored pencil
Painting critique of a colored pencil drawing of a boxer by artist Martha Carter.
These videos are intended as a learning tool to give you ideas on how to improve your own work. I am in no way saying that my way is the only way, I only offer the same suggestions I give to my own students in their work.

21 Oct 2014

lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo.

Superb Wildlife Painting by Shahin Ebrahimi 

"Big Five" refers to 5 African animals: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo.

14 Oct 2014

Ballerina in acrylics

This painting had more than my usual range of 'mistakes' 
and that explains why she is pale in this photograph and not Wedgwood blue.
Even so, she is rather graceful.

10 Oct 2014

Ballerinas in oil, acrylic ink and pastel

Oil painting of a ballet dancer in a lovely graceful pose

I seem to favor the impressionistic painting methods using painter's knife. 
May be that is the reason I seem to like Andre Kohn's paintings. 
This painting is from a picture of a lovely ballet dancer 
that I used to paint in an impressionistic style that Andre uses.
Something about ballet dancers, they seem to float in the air! It is a pleasure to watch them dance.

"En Pointe" Ballet Dancers in Lena Karpinsky's paintings
Ballet is one of Lena's favorite themes,
and "En Pointe" is one of the art series appreciated by many Lena's art collectors.

drawing ballerina with pastel part 1 
- Ballerina mit Pastellkreide malen Teil 1
drawing technique pastel on velour paper - Zeichentechnik in Pastell auf Velourpapier

7 Oct 2014

Horses hunting

He went that way!
Photo taken by M'reen
Mixed media

2 Oct 2014

Sports horses youtube

Obviously not a popular subject as this is the only youtube I could find to precede my painting.

Sports on Canvas: Polo, Rodeo, Jumpers, Hunters

This is a series to provide artist conceptions of various popular sports. We've already done thoroughbred racing, so this one deals with four different equestrian sports -- polo. fox hunting, rodeo, and jumpers. Music here is "Prelude No. 3 in A," by Heitor Villa-Lobos.