29 Nov 2014

Curly white and black dogs.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the finished painting.
It took 60 photos to get just these two.
The white dog, Alphie, needs far more colour in his coat and beard.
These curls have posed quite a challenge.
Rosy's black curls were formed from dull watercolour with shiny black acrylic 
and with a mix of sparkly grey that no longer sparkles.
The result is that the painting changes with the light.
In the dark you cannot see Ruby's eyes 
and as you walk past her the light on the curls 'moves' as you pass.
The gold background brings Alphie forward from the flat background 
and it shines in electric light.
Now that Alphie has more dirty salmon pinks in his coat and a darker bears and ears -
(she didn't want the dried blood red of these beards) 
he looks good - in my opinion- with the gold background.

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25 Nov 2014

How to draw a labradoodle and a poodle with a painting of two poodles.

Learn how to draw a labradoodle ( its a cross between a labrador and a poodle)
with children's book author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner. 

Anna Banana paints Romeo and Tiger - Toy Poodles - Anna Rees Art

How to Draw a Poodle

21 Nov 2014

Mr Cock Rooster

While he has received complements, he doesn't really work for me,
oh well, its only a piece of paper and it was an interesting painting him.
I may try again one day - we'll see.

17 Nov 2014

Cocks painted in an impressionist style, Chinese brush style and with acrylics on MDF.

A short video exhibiting 20 Impressionist style paintings 
of COCKS, aka Roosters, by Joey Havlock. 

Cockerel Painting. 
I always enjoy creating a painting where the subject 

is speaking to the subject.

Painting over a dark ground on MDF - 
gradually building up two sunlit cockerels.

4 Nov 2014

3 Still life paintings in: oils, watercolour and pencil

How I draw a yellow apple realistic drawing

Marcello Barenghi

Watercolor Still Life painting
Victoria Jankovic

Oil painting still life demonstration by David Shevlino
D Shev