24 Mar 2015

Cartoon old man with a cup of tea.

This Granddad was painted using emulsion paint on an off-cut of mounting board.

17 Mar 2015

5 YouTubes of old men and women painted in watercolour, in oil using a pallet knife, adobe, minecraft.

Four Watercolour tutorials

Smudge Painting Effect | Morgan Freeman |

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

How To Paint Portraits Like Old Masters. Using a pallet knife

Oil Painting Old Woman by MS-Art-Studio

Tutorial: Easy Minecraft Cartoon Heads (Paint.NET) 

10 Mar 2015

Reflections of a bayou, lock, canal and grapes.

 This watercolour reflection of a man swinging through the water really was there, 
I may have exaggerated it a little.

This was one of my first paintings, I used acrylic on a linen effect acrylic paper 
and the painting of Lock Morlick almost painted itself.

This is one of my favourite shots of this ruined building on the Leeds and Liverpool canal 
at Gargrave in Yorkshire.
I shall have to paint it in different seasons, but it was so very time consuming.

My one and only attempt at painting a reflection on smoked glass.