4 Nov 2013

She looks through time with love.

Colour? What does it mean to you?
Her eye reminds me of my deceased eldest daughter, the eyebrow does the same for her sister.
This point is important for the next painting I’ll share with you, The lady with eyes. 

In the video below you’ll find Art under the skin – literally. 

I’m a Brit, I’m English from the Mitton / Hardicker family, my birth name is Maureen and my chosen name is M’reen. Working backwards, as a Brit I must contain the heritage of most of the world and that is why her beautiful pale skin goes gradually darker until it represents all the colours underneath what is supposedly apparent. Then I got enthusiastic and added a splash of purple and orange and why not? Some believe in parallel worlds and other dimensions and aliens who might be a glorious purple. Still others are aware of the vibrations and hues and tones that are outside of the awareness of most and these may be an amazing orange. Why limit ourselves and miss out on the vibrant, spectacular and simply quite beautiful world within, part of and around us?
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