22 Aug 2014

3 methods of painting boats - computer, paints and wax

A boat! CS5, forty minutes.

Chris The Jam

LeRoy Neiman's Boats
The American sports painter Leroy Neiman is best known for his brilliant colors and his frenetic energy. Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, probably in 1927 (though some sources say 1921), he and his mother were abandoned by his father at an early age, so growing up was difficult. He studied art in Chicago, and when Playboy got its start in 1953, Neiman's career took off. Playboy has featured many of his sports and leisure paintings over the years, and he now grosses more than $10 million a year for his paintings and serigraphs. His original paintings go for up to $500,000 each. Here are a few of his boating pictures, typical of his leisure art.

How to Paint A Sail Boat

Painting a sailing boat in Encaustic wax - Hot Wax painting demonstration by Hazel Rayfield
This demonstration shows how I painted a sail boat as part of this seascape painting using encaustic wax my heat tools on encaustic card : A4 in size 18.10.2012
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