28 Feb 2014

How to Paint Colorful Grape Vines - a Chinese Watercolor Tutorial

This video is a special painting class based on a masterpiece done by my teacher Zhang Zhengyin(1912-1995). I took this lesson from Mater Zhang in the Fall of 1974 when I was only 15 years old. Chairman Mao is still alive at that time and yes, it was during the Cultural Revolution. It was a one-on-one private class in Master Zhang's studio and I still remember what he taught me in that class about how to observe natural grapevines and grasp its essence in our painting. He was so kind and gave this teaching sample to me for free, 
which I have treasured for 36 years and kept learning every time I open it. 
In this 30 minutes video you will learn how to mix colors for the leave and the fruits, 
vines and tendrils. 
Do you want get a first hand approach to Chinese brush painting? Chinese painting supplies used in this video are available at 
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